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Four Pieces Selected for 2014 AAU Spring Show

Yours truly had four pieces selected again for the Academy of Art, University 2014 Spring Show in May! This is the biggest event for my school, and highly competitve to get in. This year, the Illustration department had something like 1000 entries alone, but they only chose about 120 pieces.



The two pieces above got in, the first of which, "Whaling Must Stop", won 2nd Place in Best of Show. Also, both my "Godzilla Does Tokyo" and "The Demise of the Minoans" interactive illustrations, which you can check out under the "interactive link" at the top of this site, were selected as well.

Stoked and honored! Congrats to my other colleauges who were also chosen.


My lovely lady, Jackie, playing with my interactive "Godzilla Does Tokyo" illustration.

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