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CONSERVATORY of FLOWERS aquarium EXHIBIT design and GIFT SHOP Illustrations

I'm floored to have been hired as the main illustrator for a gift shop's worth of branded goods at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, for their upcoming exhibit about freshwater planted aquariums and the art of aquascaping! I'll be creating a large, banner style art poster that will be availble for purchase, and from which illustrative elements will be pulled and used on other awesome merch like t-shirts (being produced by my own shirt company, Cotton Crustacean, of course!) mugs, magnents, postcards, etc...

The awesome aquarium service company I work for, Ocean Treasures, and I will also be responsible for setting up, aquascaping, and maintaining three large freshwater live plant aquariums within the exhibit.

The show opens in November. More details soon!

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