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Illustration for AQUA LAB AQUARIA

After Kent Blakely - owner of the Bay Area startup aquarium design and services company Aqua Lab Aquaria - walked through the Conservatory of Flowers "Art of Aquascaping" exhibit in Golden Gate park in Fall of 2014, and saw the merchandise and exhibit signage featuring my illustrations, he tracked me down in hopes that I could bring that same detailed aesthetic to his own company.

The end result is above, a highly detailed illustration of a coral reef aquarium; the salt water version of the detailed illustrations I did for the "Art of Aquascaping exhibit. Luckily, with my working knowledge of reef tanks, thanks to my part time career as an aquarium service technician, I was easily able to depict accurate animal behaviour and placement, staying true to the types of fish, invertabrate, and coral species one would find in a home system.

Kent will be using this piece through out his website and promotional materials, and I'll also be offering a version of the illustration as a t-shirt design via Cotton Crustacean.Visit Aqua Lab at

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