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Cover Art Revealed for GODZILLA: RAGE ACROSS TIME, Issue #2 from IDW COMICS!!

With final approval received from both TOHO Studios and IDW Comics, I'm very proudly able to reveal my finished retailer incentive cover art for Godzilla: Rage Across Time issue 2, written by Chris Mowry and Kahlil Schweitzer, with interior art by Tadd Galusha. Retailer incentives are rare cover art variations available only if a comic-book store orders a certain amount of the normal cover. This is my first foray into comics, and to do so with one of my favorite characters of all time, smashing through one of my most loved periods of ancient history, is, well, just too much. My head and heart just exploded simultaneously.

Thank you dearly to author Chris Mowry for involved me on this project, and has championed my work at every chance he gets.

This dude right here can't believe he got to contribute to a tiny little corner of Godzilla's official universe.

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